Engineering Projects

MIC ENERGY has vast experience leading and collaborating on several projects throughout it's years of operation.  Some specific notable projects are shown in the portfolio below. Successfully completed with Clients satisfied.

Rail Terminal Phase I/II



Value:  $100MM



Bitumen rail terminal facility that included truck unloading, rail loading, metering, pump equipment, tank storage, VRU, and incinerator.  Utilities included instrument air, electrical building, and fire pump system.


CO2 Injection Test Facility



Value:  $0.3MM



Food grade CO2 injection well test facility for monitoring well characteristics over time while injecting CO2.  Included Vertical CO2 storage vessel with cooling system, CO2 pump, electric immersion heater, electrical/control building, office/classroom building, injection well and observation well.


CO2/Gas Sweetening Package



Value:  $3MM



Reconfiguration of used CO2/gas sweetening amine unit for use

in Daharki Pakistan.  Package was updated to IEC international standards and configured for use in an existing fertilizer facility.  The package utilized 2oo3 control and instrumentation philosophies.


Sulphur Pit Expansion



Value:  $2MM



Sulphur handling facility addition that included the adding of a loading hopper, conveyor, steam melting pit, mixer, and steam boiler to an existing sulphur facility.


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