EPCM Services and Contract Type Offerings

MIC Energy provides the full range of EPCM services for the industrial sector. A large portion of the EPCM industry is focused in this sector. EPCM stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management. MIC Energy is typically and EPCM contractor. This means we are not directly involved in the design and construction of the projects we work on. 


Instead, we are responsible for the detailed system design and overall management on behalf of our clients. With an EPCM contract type, MIC Energy is contracted by the owner for services. We are responsible for making sure every client project we design is successful and meets all requirements and specifications.


With the small to medium size projects, an EPCM agreement can provide the following benefits:

  • more flexibility in a clients project
  • a negotiated contract structure that can best suit the clients interests
  • additional price and time certainty due to design being completed prior to the construction contract award
  • allowing a client to utilize internal resources as desired
  • potential cost savings with a clients ability to negotiate contracts with each individual vendor


Our project sectors and expertise include oil & gas, power generation and renewable energy.   We offer client support and management during the full project life cycle.  MIC Energy offers services from initial design to final field engineering and construction support activities.


Let us provide you with the valuable engineering services you need on your future industrial EPCM projects!



EPCM services provided by MIC Energy are broken down as per the following:


Proper engineering design is key to the having a project execute successfully.  All disciplines must collaborate together and be mindful of each others requirements to allow for maximum efficiency.  Each engineering discipline is important and no specialization shall be left behind.  This is the "MIC" way.


MIC Energy can provide multi-discipline engineering services throughout the full project life cycle.  Our MIC team of experienced professionals allows us to become more than just "another vendor" for our clients. Our efficient, cohesive, and responsive collaboration provides a higher level of service. 


MIC Energy's engineering services will improve reliability, scalability and quality on every client project with our high standard or work performance.


Engineering services by MIC Energy will provide improved reliability, scalability and a higher standard in all work performed on every Client project.


Let our MIC team help make your designs a reality for any industrial, generation, midstream & upstream oil and gas projects.

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Electrical Engineering


Controls Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Process Engineering

Civil/Structural Engineering


Procurement is a key component to any project and allows for proper project planning scheduling and cost tracking. Our team won’t let critical equipment fall through the cracks with our proper tracking, evaluation and comparison techniques. the importance of construction contracts and equipment purchasing is very important when executing a project. MIC Energy recognizes this importance and the relationship it has on maintaining key successes within a project. 


MIC Energy can help you in establishing contractual arrangements to going through the tender process. We can manage all aspects of the design and procurement process as required.


This includes proposals, quotations, evaluations, contracts, purchasing, and expediting.


We've worked with many suppliers, manufacturers, sub-contractors, and sub-vendors, ensuring that the equipment arrives on time and as expected. MIC Energy has strong links with many companies in the industrial sector.

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Proposal Support


Requests for Quotation

Proposal Evaluation



This is the last step in a project life cycle. It is important to properly manage and document construction requests, changes, commissioning, and final as built items for continuous success of the asset.


At MIC Energy, we can help you with the post-construction process. This ensures that your project remains successful with proper operation, ease of maintenance, and final full records.


MIC Energy provides construction management services that will enable a smooth transition to final turnover. Services include site office support, on-site commissioning and site management, and preparation of final construction as-built drawings.

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Site Management


Site Office Support

As Built Documentation


Project management is the cement that holds all the pieces of a successful project together.  It is a critical component for a well executed and timely completed scope objective.  Upfront planning, execution procedures, and the gathering and analyzing of data allow projects to be on time and on budget.


MIC Energy can help you keep your project on schedule and within budget. We can help you identify potential problems and delays, and keep you on track for the entire project.  Enjoy a successful completion with MIC Energy.

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Project Planning

Project Execution

Project Controls


EPC Contracts

Similar to EPCM, EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction.  The contractor provides all design and construction required to complete the project under a single contract agreement.


Does MIC Energy also handle EPC contract services too?


Yes MIC Energy has and can participate and provide services using a construction EPC contract.  We can offer fully integrated design and construction services by partnering with one of our trusted construction contractors.  This allows for full turnkey solutions while delivering higher productivity compared to our top heavy EPC contractor competitors.


You receive all the advantages of a single EPC contract and management team!  On the same token, the construction contractor is responsible and focused on all construction activities.  There are no additional overhead costs incurred paying for a larger EPC company trying to manage all services in house. Overall this allows for lower cost as well as reduces risk associated with the project.  We can offer a high efficiency service with the contract benefit of lower cost and risk!


This is our solution to provide full construction procurement EPC services!


Our company has participated in both EPC and EPCM contracts as a whole and in part.  When it comes to EPC or EPCM, MIC Energy is able to aid you with either contract type.


Let MIC Energy take full responsibility for your next project, no matter what your preferred contract type is. We'll work closely with you to make sure it's a success.

Structured Form of Contracts

Like the majority of EPCM contracts, MIC Energy mainly partakes in cost-reimbursable fee structure or unit rate structure contracts.  We can offer a contract at our standard rates or can provide a single fixed price contract.


Unlike our competitors, MIC Energy has the ability to also offer a lump sum contract.  This is due to our ability to reduce cost escalation risk.  If cost control is a number one priority, ask us about this option to help meet your next contracts execution objectives.


Get in touch with our Calgary, AB head office to discuss a future professional services contract with us!

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